Saturday, 7th March 2015

Dairy farm project begins in eastern Chitwan with huge investment

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A dairy farm project has been opened in Kumroj, eastern Chitwan with an objective of making it as a research centre for developing hybrid cows.

The project is run by Shri Laliguras Multipurpose Cooperatives of Lalitpur. Of the total investment of Rs 150 million, Rs 80 million has been already spent, said Dairy Farm Research Centre Manager Ramkrishna Adhikari.

“The project aims to keep some 1,000 cow including those raised for milking,” he added.

“The farm is spread in 20 bighas of land where 13 bighas are for grass farming. The project has also planned to hire additional 15 bighas for grass farming.” according to the Cooperative's Chief Executive Director Surendra Bhandari.

The cooperative has aimed to complete the project within three years.