Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Cooperative inspection intensified

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The Division Cooperative Office has begun to inspect the cooperatives run in the Ilam district.

The inspection team comprises assistant chief district officer (CDO) Purushottam Ghimire, Cooperative Officer Madhav Prasad Pokharel, Cooperative Bank Manager Gopal Kafle and chairperson of the District Cooperative association Bishnu Dahal.

The team found that the cooperatives were not run properly, as they were unable to manage proper documentation, irregularities in loan releasing and not providing dividend to the investors in spite of meeting all the criteria.

Moreover, the inspection team alerted the cooperative mangers for meeting all the requirements as per the cooperative directives.

The team inspected Ranke Multi Cooperative, Barbote Agriculture Cooperative, Namuna Agriculture Cooperative, Puwakhola Dairy Cooperative and others in the district.

However, the cooperatives run in the remote areas have helped the locals developing saving behaviors, enabling the women and needy people, said assistant CDO Ghimire.