Friday, 30th January 2015

Cotton dev committee making profit after years

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The Cotton Development Committee in Khajura of Banke has been successful in making some profit after a gap of many years.

The Committee was in dire condition during the armed conflict period. But it has made an income of Rs. 5 million in the past four years.

"This year we sold cotton worth Rs. 14 million and now we are at a profit of Rs. 5.3 million", said Executive Chief of the Committee Bir Bahadur Singh.

A total of 195 tons of cotton was consumed at the local market.

Prior to the conflict, the Committee was in a profit of around 5 million rupees but then it suffered huge losses after the conflict began.

The Committee has now been cultivating cotton in some 300 bigaha of land in Khaskusma, Kachanapur and Kamdi of Banke, Jamuni of Bardia and Purandhara, Panchakule, Srigaon, Fulbari and Goltakuri of Dang districts. RSS