Monday, 2nd March 2015

NEPSE continues upward trend with 14.01 points gain

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Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has witnessed an upward trend since the past couple of weeks, as the index continued to increase by 14.01 points to settle at 812.11 points on Thursday, last week.

The secondary stock market that opened with 798.10 points on Sunday, dipped to 796.74 points on Monday. However, the index soared to 802.48 points on Wednesday and 812.11 points on Thursday, the last trading day.

As per the sub-indices, almost all of the groups have been witnessed in a positive direction except the finance sector's negative growth by 1.37 points.

Insurance has gained the highest 140.90 points, followed by hydro power 49.05 points, manufacturing 30.15 points, hotels 20.89 points, other 16.14 points, development banks 14.49 points and commercial banks 6.44 points.

Meanwhile, the transaction amount has declined by 10.03 percent to Rs 1.39 billion compared to previous week’s Rs 1.54 billion.

National Life Insurance Company has topped the chart in terms of highest transaction registering Rs 247.851 million.