Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Minister Acharya asks casinos to pay royalty dues within a week

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Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Bhim Prasad Acharya said that the government will take action against those casinos that are reluctant to pay the due royalty bills within a week.

Speaking at an interaction program in the capital on Wednesday, Minister Acharya said the government will take action against the owners as per the government policy.

The government is not in favour to shut the casinos down, said Acharya. However, he said the owners should pay their dues and operate the casinos.

If they think that the government will stay calm towards the shutdown of the casinos without paying the dues, it would be mistake, he added.

“If the casino owners turn a deaf ear, we will announce for fresh operators.”

All the casinos across the country have been closed by the government after they were reluctant to pay their outstanding tax and royalty bills despite repeated warnings from the state.