Friday, 6th March 2015

Sajha Yatayat earns over Rs 40 million in first year

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The Sajha Yatayat has made an income of more than Rs. 40 million from sales of tickets in 2070 BS after resumption of services after a long interval.

Sajha which was closed from time to time, was for the last time closed since Jeth 2064 BS.

The transport corporation which came into operation since the start of 2070 BS made an income of Rs. 43.4 million in one year from sales of ticket, said Sajha Yatayat Manager Mahendra Raj Pandey.

He said the Sajha Yatayat had arranged tickets as fixed by the government and quota reservation for women and disabled and Rs. 10 fare for students.

Altogether 2,982,823 passengers traveled by Sajha buses in one year. The fare ranges from Rs. 10 to 20.

As the bus is clean and comfortable, passengers favour traveling on it and more buses will be added in Kathmandu valley and outside if resource is available.

Sajha Yatayat has 16 buses and they are run in two routes in Kathmandu valley.