Thursday, 5th March 2015

Farmers against imposing syndicate in tea

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Tea farmers in Ilam have accused Indian tea traders of enforcing syndicate in raw tea production.

The farmers said the tea factories in cahoots with Indian traders are hesitant to pay the due price of green tea leaves by not adhering to organic standards.

Traders are making attempts to impose syndicate being reluctant to pay proper price of tea leaves, said Sonam Yolmi, a tea farmer in Fikkal.

He further said that the farmers producing raw tea leaves would not get due price of their produce with increased penetration of Indian businesspersons in more than a dozen of big tea factories here.

The tea farmers and cooperatives producing tea leaves are worried about the recent price determination of raw tea, which is almost half than the previous price, citing substandard quality.

The previous rate of Rs 70 per kg of tea leaves now stands at the range of Rs 30 to 40.