Friday, 27th February 2015

NEPSE soars by 26 points; transaction amount up by 72 percent

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Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has continued to soar by 26.05 points to close at 865.76 points on Thursday from Sunday’s 830.71 points, last week.

The same secondary market index had increased by 4.58 points to close at 824 points, the previous week.

Over a week, insurance group has contributed highest 107.15 points while manufacturing group posted 41.35 points, hydropower 37.4 points and commercial banks 34.77 points.

Similarly, the development banks gained 7.76 points, trading group 3.13 points and finance 2.1 points. However, hotel was the only group posting negative by 21.7 points.

Meanwhile, the transaction amount has also continued to increase by 72.18 percent to Rs 2.39 billion as compared to the previous week’s Rs 1.39 billion. The same amount had increased by 27 percent, the previous week.

In terms of highest transaction, Global IME Bank has topped the chart registering Rs 200.247 million while National Life Insurance posted 179.456 million, Chilime Hydropower Company Rs 178.555 million, National Hydropower Company Rs 139.696 million and Prime Life Insurance Company Rs 79.963 million.

These are the top five companies to hold highest transaction, over a week.