Monday, 2nd March 2015

Around half a million migrant workers leave Nepal annually: Govt

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A total of 492, 532 Nepalis left Nepal for employments abroad in the year 2070 B.S (2013/14). Among them, 461,769 were male, while 30, 763 were female, according to the government's Department of Foreign Employment.

It is estimated that some 100,000 workers go abroad for jobs through India. This number is not included in the Department's data, says Department Spokesperson Badri Kumar Karki.

The number of individuals going for foreign employment from Nepal is 41,044 per month and 1,349 per day, in average. Those going abroad for jobs, increased by 59,506 in 2070 B.S. as compared to the previous year.

Karki says the individuals going abroad through India encounter many troubles in the foreign land, as they leave without first being aware about the future situations.

In particular, the number of Nepali women landing in Gulf countries through Indian territories is quite large. They are highly vulnerable to sexual and labor exploitations. They cannot even be traced by the Nepali Embassy as their passport is generally seized by the agents as soon as they land there.

Karki says foreign employment should be well-managed rather than controlled, as it provides remittance, the current backbone of Nepal's economy.

The largest number of Nepalis (166, 898) went to Malaysia last year, followed by Qatar (112, 079), Saudi Arabia (74, 391), UAE (48, 634) and Kuwait (20,724).

"Many Nepalis have made Malaysia their first destination, as its climate is similar to Nepal's and people can work easily. Malaysia has demanded more Nepali workers in the coming days," says Karki.

Most of the security guards in Malaysia are from Nepal and the country has accorded a top priority to them. Likewise, Qatar is a rising economy and needs more Nepali workers as it is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.