Saturday, 28th February 2015

72 workers die each month in foreign employment

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The number of deaths of Nepalese workers in foreign land is increasing with the increasing number of foreign job seekers from Nepal.

Last year, altogether 864 Nepalese workers died in foreign countries.  Those who died were 845 male and 19 female. A large number of people died outside this number of Nepalese who had gone illegally, but the Government of Nepal has no statistics of them.

As they had gone to third countries via India, there are difficulties in bringing their bodies as well, as they are illegal immigrant. Likewise, hundreds of Nepalese died in India also but there is no statistics with the government.

Director of the Foreign Employment Promotion Board Tika Prasad Bhandari admits that there is no clear statistics of those working in India because of open border and those dieing in third country after going illegally via India. He says the board keeps the statistics of the workers going legally in third countries except India.

As per the statistics, some 72 Nepalese workers in foreign employment die each month in average in which those who die in foreign countries going there for studies or for other purpose are not included.

The board said, last year, the largest number of workers or 299 died in Malaysia, 233 in Saudi Arabia, 184 in Qatar, 58 in UAE, and 44 in Kuwait.

Similarly, 14 died in South Korea, 13 in Oman, seven in Bahrain , two each in Afghanistan and Japan, and one each in Germany, Israel, Maldives, Russia, Sri  Lanka,  USA and Papua New Guinea.

The board provides Rs. 150,000 compensation to those who died abroad. Last year, it provided Rs. 118.7 million for the families of the deceased in foreign employment. Last year, some 492,532 went for foreign jobs, of them were 461,769 male and 30,763 female.

The report has also drawn the attention of the government on the need of keeping the records on the agreements and decisions reached between the government and the stakeholders in the past in a systematic manner and updated state in the coming days in the light of many records of such accords and decisions remaining incomplete, given the sensitivity and gravity of the issue.

It has also felt the need of constituting thematic sub-committees in the context of making the works of the committee reliable and credible.

Sub-committee coordinator Purna Bahadur Khadka handed over the report to the committee president Dr Baburam Bhattarai in the committee meeting today.