Sunday, 1st March 2015

10,000 Ostrich chicks to be produced in a year

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Some 10,000 new ostrich chicks will be produced in the year 2071 BS in the first ostrich farm in Nepal run at Gangoliya of Rupandehi district.

Ostrich Nepal Pvt. Ltd. said the number of grown up and chicks have reached 35,000 until mid April, and new chicks will be reached to every farming household within this Nepali year (2014-15).

Owner of the Ostrich Nepal CP Sharma said various programmes will be launched for attracting farmers to this trade directly. He said farmers have started planting grass used for ostrich feed. In the farm started five years ago with Rs. 100 million, Rs. 600 million has been invested so far.

The company said now the ostriches have been giving 30 eggs daily and will give 60 eggs daily within three months. It said as egg hatching technology is also available here, 10,000 chicks can be produced in one year and reached to every household.

The company will buy the ostriches reared by farmers who buy chicks in nine months and farmers can make income twice in one and half year.

Now farmers of Madhavaliya, Gangoliya, Manmateriya, Dayanagar, Chhapiya, Farsatikar, Suryapura and Marchawar have been planting its grass and target is to sell 100 tonnes of ostrich meat this Nepali year.

National Planning Commission Vice Chairman Dr. Govind Pokhrel while stating that tens of millions of rupees were spent in unproductive sectors, we can increase investment in hydro power and reduce in petroleum products.

Pratisthan District Chairman Rajib Poudel and Mega Bank Executive Officer Anil Shah called for addressing economic prosperity through the next budget.