Saturday, 28th February 2015

NEPSE up by 2.39 points

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Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has slightly increased by 2.39 points to settle at 852.06 points on Thursday from Sunday’s 849.67 points, last week.

As per the sub-indices of the secondary market, hydropower gained highest 110.83 points, development banks 21.92 points, finance 10.74 points, other group 8.22 points and hotel 0.35 points.  

However, manufacturing group lost 44.21 points, insurance 29.91 points and commercial banks 6.37 points.

Similarly, the transaction amount has also increased by 30.60 percent to Rs 1.98 billion compared to the amount of Rs 1.51 billion, the previous week.

The stock market held transactions with 153 companies trading 5,075,540 unit shares through 13,842 transactions over a week.

National Life Insurance Company has top the chart with Rs 267.863 million in terms of highest transaction.