Sunday, 1st March 2015

Dhalkebar-Mujaffarpur transmission line works to begin Monday

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The construction works of the Dhalkebar-Mujaffarpur Transmission Line, said to be important for resolving energy crisis of Nepal but delayed by three months, will begin Monday.

There were procedural, technical and customs clearance issues that caused delay in the construction.  

The construction materials stranded in Birgunj customs have reached the site and works will begin tomorrow (Monday), project chief Badri Narayan Shah told RSS.

The formal inauguration will be held after a while and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has been urged for the same, said Shah.

The project has already notified landowners for compensation, which will go to 159 families of 10 VDCs in Mahottari district. They will get compensation for three dhurs to maximum of 17 dhurs of land.  

“Locals are excited after a notice was published for compensation by the District Administration Office,” said Shah, adding that there would be no problem in allocating compensation.

In the first phase, compensation will be distributed in Bhangaha, Singpahi, Dhamaura, Ramgopalpur, Sahasaul, Sonoul, Manara, Ikdarabela, Sahashram, and Bathnaha VDCs.