Friday, 27th February 2015

Nabil Bank staffs resort to protest demanding permanent employment status

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Recently laid-off and contract workers of Nabil Bank Ltd protest outside its head offices in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, on Monday. (NN/Narayan Maharjan)Contract-based employees working at Nabil Bank Monday launched protest programs outside the bank's central office at Durbar Marg, Kathmandu demanding permanent employment status.

The protestors say that Nabil, one of the leading private sector banks in the country, has terminated the contracts of more than a 100 workers assigned to various jobs at the bank over the last month.

A majority of the protesters were working as drivers, messengers, tea-boys and in other such posts.

According to Ganesh Rana, one of the protestors, more than a 100 workers have stopped work and taken part in the protests demanding an end to working as contractors and want to be employed by the bank as permanent staff.

Around 60 of the protestors work in the bank's various branches in Kathmandu Valley while 30 work outside the Valley, Rana says.

The protestors say the bank's management has repeatedly promised to look into the matter but has neglected them so far.

Talking to Nepalnews, Roshan Koirala, the head of Nabil Bank's Human Resources Department, said the workers are employees of a different company that the bank has contracted the various jobs out to. "So the employment company is responsible to them and the bank is not obligated to make them permanent staff in the bank," he says.

However, the protestors say other such contractors who have worked for a minimum of five years have previously been made permanent staff in the bank.

According to the data of unaudited financial reports recently made public by the bank, Nabil Bank earn Rs 2.32 billion in net profits in Fiscal Year  2013/14.

Among the banks who have already published their reports till date, this is the highest in the country.