Friday, 6th March 2015

PTA cannot be made public: Energy Minister Gyawali

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Energy Minister Radha Gyawali has called on lawmakers to understand the difficulty in making public full details of the Power Trade Agreement (PTA) to be signed with India, as it was in the phase of talks.

She made this remark as lawmakers demanded full details of the PTA with India for studies prior to discussion, in a meeting of the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee of the Parliament on Tuesday.

Stating that the PTA with India will be in national interest, she said it would not be proper to make the agreement between two countries fully public as per the international laws.  

She said a Power Development Agreement (PDA), however, was not under her ministry and that her ministry was serious on completing transmission lines in time.

In the meeting, Irrigation Minister Narayan Prakash Saud informed about the effects of dry season on irrigation projects in Ranijamara-Kulariya, Rajapur and Surya Patuwa downstream of the Upper Karnali Hydel Project.

More discussion should be held on the impacts of the project as it is in reservoir model, he said.

Senior member of the Committee Amrit Kumar Bohara said additional discussions on PTA and PDA will be held on August 21.