Friday, 27th February 2015

Martadi in darkness for the past 10 days

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Martadi, the district headquarters of Bajura district, has been without electricity for the past 10 days due to disruption of power supply.

A flood on August 13 swept away the power house of the 220 KW-Tribeni Hydropower Project.

Mostly, people visiting the Martadi-based government offices to make passports and citizenship certificates have been hit hard, Jukot VDC secretary Beljung Shahi says.

Hiralal Khatri of Jukot VDC, who arrived at the district headquarters after a two-day walk, said he came there for a passport, but hasn't been able to for lack of a power supply.

Telecommunication service providers -- Nepal Telecom and Ncell -- have been operating generators to provide telephony services.

Bhim Bahadur Rawal, a security guard at Ncell, said locals would be cut off from telephone services if the power supply did not resume within a few days.BAJURA, August 23 (RSS)