Sunday, 1st March 2015

Five more hours of power-cuts a week: NEA

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Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Friday said there will be five more hours of power cuts a week, starting Saturday, September 6, 2014.

According to a new load-shedding schedule issued by NEA on Friday, power cuts will go up from the present 52 hours a week to 57 hours a week Saturday onwards.

Bhuwan Kumar Chhetri, the manager of the System Operation Department in NEA, says the country's sole distributor of electricity was forced to make the changes owing to failure to bring landslide-damaged power-generation units back into operation in some parts of the country. Load has also increased on the country's power distribution grid, he says.

A landslide at Jure in Sindhupalchowk on August 2 and the subsequent flooding of the Sunkoshi River left four power houses damaged. They include NEA's 10.5 megawatt (MW) Sunkoshi Hydropower, Sanima Group's 3.5 MW Sunkoshi Hydro, Bhotekoshi Power Company's 45 MW Bhotekoshi Hydro, and Lasing Buddha Company's 6.2 MW Bhairabkunda Hydro.

With the country unable to add electricity generating projects and the traditionally dry autumn-winter season closing in, power cuts are likely to increase. Last year's winter saw power cuts of up to 14 hours a day.