Saturday, 7th March 2015

Must have fresh presidential election: RPP (N)

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Chairman of RPP (Nepal) Kamal Thapa has said that there should be an election for a new president and vice-president.

Speaking to the press at his residence on Friday, Thapa said that although RPP (N) has no claim on either of the seats, the party believes that following the mandate of the people’s vote, a new president and vice president must be elected.

“The provision in the interim constitution to end the tenure of the president only after the constitution is formulated clearly corresponds to the deadline of the first CA,” said Thapa. “We must respect the fresh mandate of the people and elect new president and vice president. It is an issue of principle.”

RPP-N has emerged as the fourth largest force in the proportional category of the CA election. Thapa said that this reflects people’s belief to the agenda of the party.

“We will stay loyal to our agendas,” Thapa said. “We will work to form consensus to establish Nepal as a democratic, Hindu country again, with a monarchial head.”

Thapa also warned of protests if decisions are taken on basis of majority, ignoring the force of RPP (N) and the party is not given in the house.

Thapa also urged UCPN (Maoists) to accept the people’s votes and join the CA.



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