Thursday, 24th April 2014

17 central members of RPP-N lodge complaint against Kamal Thapa

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Seventeen central committee members of RPP-Nepal have filed a complaint at Election Commission (EC) against the party's chairperson Kamal Thapa, saying that Thapa haphazardly submitted the list of Proportional Representation (PR) nominees to the EC.

"The Constituent Assembly (CA) election ordinance clearly mentions that the PR list has to be finalized by majority of the party's central committee," said Prahlad Sah, central assistant general secretary of RPP-N on Tuesday.

"However, the chairperson (Thapa) has submitted the list highhandedly and without discussing and endorsing it through the central committee. We have come here to complain the same," Sah said, adding that some individuals proposed in the PR list are not even the party's ordinary members.

"Businessmen Shyam Sundar Agrawal and Rajkumar Agrawal have been proposed as PR candidates, but they are not even the ordinary party members," he said. "Same is the case of Biraj Bista, who has been proposed just because he is the son of senior party leader Keshar Bahadur Bista."

 Along with Sah, the other complainers include advocate Balkrishna Neupane and central assistant general secretaries Ramesh Shrestha and Babukaji Shrestha. They have claimed that the RPP-N has selected wife, son and daughter-in-law of senior party leaders along with businessmen and very junior party members as the PR candidates.     

The RPP-N last Sunday submitted a list of 24 PR candidates proposing them to be the members of the CA.

Meanwhile, commenting on the PR name list row, RPP-N chairperson Thapa claimed that the selection was fair.

"The PR candidates were nominated not because of who they are, but after assessing what role they can play in the CA," Thapa said.



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