Friday, 25th April 2014

Eager to hand over responsibility to new government: IEC chair

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Interim Election Council (IEC) Chairman Khil Raj Regmi has said that he was eager to hand over the responsibility to the government elected by the people at the earliest now that the election government headed by him has fulfilled its main duty of conducting the polls in a free, fair and peaceful manner.

Addressing a programme organised in Tansen Municipality to declare it “Municipality with 100 percent literacy” on Wednesday, he said, “The government is eager to hand over the responsibility to the newly elected government as soon as possible.”

The IEC chair hoped that a government headed by a political party chosen by the people would soon be formed and that the first session of the Constituent Assembly would also convene at the earliest to kick start the constitution drafting process.

Saying that the parties are currently engaged in sorting out some pressing political issues, Regmi said that such kinds of discussions and deliberations should be considered normal in a democratic process.



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