Friday, 6th March 2015

UCPN (M) accepts defeat in poll due mainly to ethnic agenda

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Agni SapkotaIn what could be a turning point towards forging new consensus, the UCPN (Maoist) has accepted on that its defeat in the recent Constituent Assembly elections was mainly because of the party's inability to convince people about the party's ethnic agenda.

"We were not able to convince people about our line on ethnic identity. This was the main reason behind our defeat," said UCPN (M) spokesperson Agni Sapkota during an interaction program on Friday.

Speaking about his party's current stand, Sapkota said his party would join the newly elected CA. "We have said that we will join the CA. But it does not mean that we are joining the government, too," Sapkota said, reiterating his party's stance that they would play the role of a responsible opposition.

He further claimed that there is no dispute in his party about submitting the list of Proportionate Representation (PR) members of the CA.

"We will submit the PR list as soon as consensus is made from a new point," he said.



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