Saturday, 19th April 2014

NC CC meeting: Leaders stress on coalition with UML

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Nepali Congress leaders have stressed on forging a coalition with the second largest party, the CPN (UML), for forming a government once the new Constituent Assembly comes into operation.

Expressing their views during the NC’s central committee meeting in  the party headquarters at Sanepa, Lalitpur on Friday, the leaders said it was the mandate expressed by  the people during the CA polls  that NC should form an alliance with the UML.

“We have some competition with the UML. But many of the central committee members opined that the NC should co-work with the UML in government and the CA until a new constitution is issued,” said Badri Pandey, an NC central member.

The meeting, however, differed on what should be the criteria of selecting the Proportionate Representation (PR) candidates.

NC central member Ram Sharan Mahat said that it was not necessary to make all central members the PR candidates. On the other hand, yet another central member Balkrishna Khand said that all central members have to be given the PR membership of CA, if decision is  taken to make just one or  two central members as  the PR members.



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