Friday, 6th March 2015

Top parties intensify talks for PR candidates

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With only four days left for the parties to submit their list of candidates for the proportional representation, parties have intensified talks to finalise their nominations.

Inter-party competition between party president Sushil Koirla, Sher Bahadur Deuba and Ram Chandra Poudel to nominate one’s supporters seems to be stalling the final list of 91 PR candidates from Nepali Congress. A meeting of the leaders on Thursday morning at party president Sushil Koirala's residence in Maharajgunj ended without an agreement. A meeting of the party’s parliamentary board, which has been assigned to finalise the PR list, has been scheduled after two days.

CPN-UML headed off to Gokarna Resort on Wednesday evening to select its 84 PR candidates. Discussions are underway and the party is selecting names to balance proportion of female, dalit and khas candidates in the list. Top leaders are pushing to add their supporters in the final PR list.

UCPN (M) held an informal meeting at the party’s office in Paris Dada on Thursday. Speaking to the press after the meeting, party spokesperson Agni Sapkota said that the party will define a number of central committee members in the list and other will be selection on competition basis for the PR seats. UCPN (M) has won 54 seats in the PR category. Party members suggested that the influential leaders who have contributed to the party should be picked for the list.



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