Saturday, 19th April 2014

Gachhedar calls on President Yadav; suggests him to call CA meeting

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Ram Baran YadavBijay Kumar GachhedarChairperson of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (Democratic), Bijay Kumar Gachhedar has called on President Ram Baran Yadav as part of the ongoing consultation of the head of state as to 'who will call the first meeting of the newly elected Constituent Assembly (CA).

In a meeting held at the President's office at Shital Niwas on Friday, Gachhedar 'reminded' the President that it is his responsibility to call the first CA meeting, it is learnt.

The constitution allows the President, instead of the Interim Election Council Chair Khil Raj Regmi to call the first CA sitting, said Gachhedar. Today's meeting was called to receive opinion of Terai-Madhes based parties on calling the CA meeting.

Earlier on Thursday evening, the President met with top leaders of the largest political parties to receive their views on the ongoing debate about the first CA meeting.

A case about the 'constitutional puzzle' of the first CA meeting is under the Supreme Court's consideration, as hearing on the case has started in the apex court.



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