Thursday, 5th March 2015

Vying for the PM’s chair

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Nepali Congress Party president Sushil Koirala, senior leader Sher Bahadur Deuba and vice-president Ram Chandra Poudel held the discussions on Thursday in a bid to arrive at a consensus regarding the party's candidate for prime minister.

The three met at Koirala’s residence in Maharajgunj. However, with all three vying for the prime minister’s chair, the discussions ended without a conclusion. Party president Koirala has been seeking support from Deuba and Poudel in his bid to lead the next government arguing that both the domestic and international situation were in his favour.

Sources say that Koirala has offered the post of the acting president of the party to Poudel in exchange for his support to Koirala’s bid for the prime minister’s chair. However, Poudel has been arguing that as the vice-president, he is automatically entitled to the leading the party but is more keen on leading the government. Deuba has not been as vocal on his wish to be the prime minister, but has said that he will express his views after consulting other leaders within the party.

“We held discussions on several issues,” Deuba said after finishing the meeting. “Our talks will continue to iron out our debates.”

NC party leaders have pushed the three leaders to reach consensus internally. However, some have voiced that if the leaders fail to choose a candidate, the leadership positions should be based on an internal election.

The three will meet again on Friday to continue the discussion. NC’s central committee meeting has been scheduled for Saturday.



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