Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

UCPN (M) deliberates on Dahal’s report

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The Central Committee meeting of the UCPN (Maoist) is underway at the party office in Paris danda on Friday afternoon to discuss the document presented by party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal.  

On meeting had convened on Thursday to listen to Dahal formally present his political document on 'Constituent Assembly Election 2070, Historical Need to Build Party Organization'.

The document focused the reasons behind party's defeat in the CA election and the strategies that party needs to adopt at present post-election situation. Although the party had called foul in the election process, Dahal argued that the primary reason for the party’s defeat in the CA election was 'internal'. However, he also said that organized vote-fraud by the opponents and state mechanism had caused the party’s defeat.

"The party's line was politically clear after the Seventh General Convention but it had to bear loss in the CA election as the party failed to keep its organizations up-to-date. The internal reasons were the major factors for the defeat," reads the document.

On Thursday, Dahal also expressed commitment in the document that the UCPN (M) would make maximum efforts as per its commitment in election manifesto to forge consensus among the other political parties. He has also proposed restructuring of the reducing the size of the central committee, state committees, district committees, and local committees in view to making them smoothly functional. Dahal has proposed to downsize the CC to 99 from the current 266 members and form the party organizations through election from grassroots level.

The UCPN has 18 different state committees including 14 geographical states. Chairman Dahal proposed 51-member district committees and 25-member local committees.

The committee member are now making comments on Dahal’s proposal. The members have been directed to maintain discrepancy in the matters discussed in the meeting.



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