Sunday, 1st March 2015

KP Oli wins the race against Khanal in PP leader voting

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CPN-UML leader K.P. Oli speaks after being elected the leader of...In a stunning performance, CPN-UML Senior Leader KP Oli has won the voting held for the post of Parliamentary Party (PP) leader against Chairperson Jhalanath Khanal on Tuesday.

Oli secured 98 votes, while Khanal received 75 votes in the election that was held at the second largest party’s parliamentary party office in Singha Durbar today.

The race was closely contested as Oli won with a margin of 23 votes. Oli was backed by Vice Chairperson Bamdev Gautam, while Khanal was supported by Senior Leader Madhav Kumar Nepal.

Talking with media persons after the win, Oli said he would move ahead taking all lawmakers together. “The 98 lawmakers who voted for me and 75 lawmakers who voted for Khanal, all are UML lawmakers. We all will move together,” Oli said.

Chairperson Khanal, who lost the election, said that he and Oli will step ahead together in the party affairs. “Oli is now the PP leader and I chair the party. We two will take ahead our party together,” Khanal said.

The voting was conducted as a practice of internal democracy as well as a measure to resolve the claims of two senior party leaders over the single post of PP leader.

UML has 175 seats in the newly elected Legislative-Parliament cum Constituent Assembly. Since Senior Leader Nepal and Vice-Chairperson Gautam have won from two constituencies, 173 lawmakers were eligible to cast their votes in the party’s internal election.

Electronic voting machine was used in the election that helped get the results in minutes.



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