Thursday, 5th March 2015

UML PP leader Oli reminds NC of people’s mandate

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CPN (UML) parliamentary party leader KP Oli has urged the Nepali Congress not to deviate from the mandate given by the people that the two parties work together with patience by forming a government and writing constitution.

KP Oli, the newly elected Parliamentary Party (PP) leader of CPN-UML, was presented with a toy ‘jet plane’ in a program in Kathmandu Saturday, symbolically urging him to work on a ‘jet speed’ for enacting a new constitution. NN/RSSAddressing a seminar titled ' Commitment to Write Constitution within a Year' organised by the Youth Association Nepal in Kathmandu Saturday, he said his party was committed to value-based politics standing on the foundations of democratic norms rather than hurried politics based on emotions.

The UML is talking of principles and ideals not for showing sake but for adoption, he said, calling on the Nepali Congress not to deviate its course from the people's mandate and act with patience. He suggested both parties work together with the goal of drafting a democratic constitution.

The UML Parliamentary Party leader said that the objective of the co-work between the Nepali Congress and his party should be clear.

He said the main challenge now was giving stability to democracy and institutionalizing the achievements of the people's movement by ending the political transition.

The UML leader suggested the youths to steer the country ahead on the path of prosperity by building a peaceful, brave and tolerant society.

UML Secretary Shankar Pokharel said it would be possible to issue a constitution within a year if the political parties worked in deference to the democratic values, the existing laws and the promises they made before the people.

Nepali Congress leader Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat reiterated that there was no alternative to the Nepali Congress and the UML moving ahead together accepting each other's co-existence and collaboration as the people are watching them with special perspective.  

NC leader Dr Mahat said promulgating the constitution within a year was possible even if the constitution writing process moved ahead in snail's pace. Majorities of things are shadowed when the political parties failed to forge consensus in making political policy.

UCPN (Maoist) leader, Devendra Paudel, said the nation would get new constitution if the constitution writing process was carried out from the chapter it was stopped in the first CA. He said the young generation, of late, has little awareness towards political ideology, which needs to be corrected.

Chairman of the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, Upendra Yadav, said, if the current activities of the political parties were continued, it was not possible to write constitution within a year.

Chairman Yadav said the political parties need to forge consensus for the fundamental principle and values to write the constitution but it has been yet started.

Chairman of the Youth Association of Nepal (YAN), Mahesh Basnet, and Vice-chairperson Nirudevi Pal urged the Nepali Congress and UML to move ahead keeping the constitution writing process in high priority to bring the democratic constitution within a year as per the spirit of the fresh mandate.

During the program, the YAN gifted toy jets to the political leaders with the symbolic message that the leaders work with a 'jet speed' for constitution writing.



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