Friday, 6th March 2015

Regmi will ‘soon’ make his stance clear

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Interim Election Council (IEC) Chairperson, Khil Raj Regmi has said that he would ‘soon’ inform the public as to whether he would join the Supreme Court again.

Regmi said this while talking briefly with journalists, after Sushil Koirala was elected the new prime minister on Monday.

Commenting on the election of Koirala, Regmi said the completion of his tenure has strengthened the path towards a democratic system.

“The responsibility provided to me is now over,” Regmi said.

IEC Chair Regmi has successfully conducted the Constituent Assembly elections and is preparing to hand over the executive power to newly elected PM Koirala.

Regmi was appointed the executive head at a time when the political parties failed to find a common candidate, under whose leadership they could go to the election. The appointment of Regmi was agreed upon as a mean to end political deadlock and conduct the election.



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