Monday, 2nd March 2015

Bring maximum parties to confidence: Prez to PM

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Ram Baran YadavSushil KoiralaPresident Ram Baran Yadav and newly elected Prime Minister Sushil Koirala held the first official meeting at Shital Niwas on Wednesday. Amid the ongoing row over Home Ministry and government formation, President Yadav asked PM Koirala to bring all parties to consensus to the extent possible.

According to a statement released from the President’s Office, President Yadav wished success to Koirala urging the latter to ensure that a new full-fledged constitution is enacted in the next one year.

Maintaining good governance, obliging with the constitutional norms and filling up the vacant constitutional posts were other matters suggested by the President.

In particular, the President expressed his confidence that the incumbent government will focus its attention on the following matters:

1.      Provide top priority for promulgating a new constitution in one year as committed by the political parties
2.      Bring all powers to confidence as far as possible, in terms of running the government and writing the constitution
3.      Accomplish the remaining works of peace process and provide justice to victims
4.      Works stalled after the end of first Constituent Assembly, for example, appointing officials at the constitutional bodies, have to be performed now
5.      Give attention towards establishing mutual respect among all state organs
6.      Stress on obliging with constitution and constitutional principles
7.      Lay emphasis on maintaining good governance. For example: (a) Guarantee peace and security, (b) Control corruption, (c) Maintain rule of law and make people realize justice, (d) Adopt measures to control corruption, and (e) Provide special attention on delivering services to people.



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