Thursday, 5th March 2015

PM Koirala denies being instructed by President; says current CA must own up previous CA pacts

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Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has clarified that President Ram Baran Yadav has not given him any kind of instructions or orders.

Addressing a session of the Legislature-Parliament on Friday, the embattled prime minister who has not been able to expand his cabinet even two weeks after being elected to the post of Prime Minister also dismissed news appearing in some media that the Head of State has issued a seven-point instruction for the government headed by him for running the country.

“The thing about President issuing seven point direction (to the government) is a lie, I don’t know how this thing made it to newspapers?, I am astounded,” PM Koirala said, “The President is very serious about the country’s situation. I only went to meet the President after assuming office. He hasn’t given me any kind of orders.”

After Constituent Assembly (CA) members belonging to CPN-UML and other small political parties expressed their strong protests against a news hogging media headlines that the President gave 7-point instruction to the Executive Head of the country in sharp violation of the constitutional provisions, PM Koirala expressed his lack of knowledge regarding the matter.

Thanking the Constituent Assembly members who extended their congratulations to him 12 days after being elected the country’s Prime Minister, Koirala said that the NC-led government he leads was formed specially to draft the constitution and that the government he leads will focus his attention on expanding the two member (Koirala and Minister without  Portfolio Ram Sharan Mahat) cabinet which remains stalled due to the row with potential coalition partner CPN-UML over who gets to keep the Home Ministry.

On the issue of constitution drafting, he said that the country can have the much-awaited new constitution within a year if the current CA is able to move ahead by owning previous CA agreements and pacts without creating any kind of argument or controversy.



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