Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Dalit activists disgruntled over no Dalit representation in Cabinet

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Dalit activists have expressed dissatisfaction over the expansion of the Koirala cabinet saying that there is no representation of Dalit community in the government.

Speaking at a program in Kathmandu Wednesday, they said their sentiment has been hurt. "The government has behaved against us as if we are still the untouchables," they said.

“We may have seen the practice of untouchability in villages. Now we have seen this practice inside the Sigha Durbar as well,” said Gajadhar Sunar, chairperson of Dalit NGOs’ Federation.

“If the government does not ensure Dalit participation in the cabinet, we will resort to strong agitation,” Sunar said.

Chairperson of Federation of Dalit Women, Durga Sob, said the political parties attitude towards Dalit community is still biased. “Political parties think that the Dalits are still their porters and workers. It’s wrong,” Sob said.



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