Saturday, 7th March 2015

Development agenda to go hand in hand: PM Koirala

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Sushil KoiralaPrime Minister Sushil Koirala has said although the government has prioritized constitution writing within a year, the development agenda cannot be shadowed.

Speaking at a press meet organized by Banke Chapter of Nepal Press Union in Nepalgunj Saturday, Prime Minister Koirala said, "As the people's needs are addressed through the development activities, the government was doing homework to bring the policy and programs."

The national interest of the country must not be shadowed by the partisan and political interests, he said, adding that the development activities initiated by the government should not be judged through partisan interests.

"Obstruction from any side in the development activities is unacceptable. Government would not remain silent if anyone hinders development activity. People also can check such obstructers," stressed the PM.

According to the PM, the government was effortful to hold the election in local bodies, as hundred of thousand rupees were embezzled in the local bodies for lack of people's representatives.

Responding to a query, the PM said the political parties have learnt lesson from the failure of the first Constituent Assembly. So, they would use the second CA for the people' welfare, the PM said expressing confidence.

PM Koirala added that the constitution to be brought by the second CA would be fully democratic and inclusive. The new constitution would not give birth to any tyrant, he said.



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