Saturday, 28th February 2015

Rai floats unity proposal to 5 parties

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Ashok RaiChairperson of Federal Socialist Party (FSP), Ashok Rai, has proposed party unity with 5 political parties that want to assert identity of different communities this way or the other.

In the first phase, the FSP has proposed party unity with Social Democratic Party (Samajik Loktantrik Party), Federal Democratic National Forum Tharuhat (Sanghiya Loktantrik Rastriya Manch Tharuhat), Nepal Communist Party, National People’s Salvation Party (Rastriya Janmukti Party) and Tharuhat Terai Party.

Official letters have been sent to these five parties urging them to form a united party. Talks committee has also been set up in the leadership of FSP Chairperson Rai.

In the second phase, similar calls will be made to five more parties, according to FSP General Secretary Rajendra Shrestha.

“We have realized that pro-identity parties have to come together. First target is party unity. Otherwise, a coalition could also be formed,” Shrestha added.

In the 601-member Constituent Assembly, the FSP has won 5 seats under the Proportionate Representation (PR) category.



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