Sunday, 1st March 2015

House takes no decision on Extradition Treaty’s Ordinance

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A meeting of the Legislative-Parliament on Thursday failed to take a decision in regard to an Ordinance on Extradition Treaty, as the House witnessed the lack of minimum attendance required to endorse the Ordinance.

As per Article 53 of the Interim Constitution, there must be at least 143 lawmakers present in the House to approve any bill or ordinance or take a decision. In today’s House, 137 lawmakers were present.

Having seen the low presence of lawmakers, Speaker Subash Nembang declared that the House has been postponed until March 11, Tuesday.

The Ordinance was floated by the ruling parties, while Nepal Peasants and Workers Party lawmaker, Prem Suwal had proposed to reject the Ordinance. The House will take a decision on whether to approve or reject the Ordinance in the next sitting.



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