Sunday, 1st March 2015

Who will authenticate new constitution? NC, UML near a deal

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Nepali Congress and CPN-UML have said that they have reached near an understanding as to whether the President or the House Chairperson will verify the new constitution that is expected to be issued in one year.

“As per the understanding, the House Chairperson will verify the constitution and thereby, the President will announce that the constitution has come into force,” said NC leader Ramesh Lekhak.

Earlier, NC had argued that the President has to verify the constitution being the head of the state. Similarly, the UML had claimed that the Chairperson or Speaker of the Constituent Assembly-cum-Legislative Parliament has the authority to verify the supreme document.

In the new CA regulation, the word ‘verification’ will be omitted. Likewise, in the new constitution, both the President and House Chairperson will sign as a middle way of conciliation, it is learnt.

This understanding has to be officially endorsed by a meeting of NC and UML that is underway to finalize the CA regulation this afternoon.



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