Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

Govt. promotes six to secretaries

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A meeting of the Council of Ministers on Thursday has promoted six to the post of secretaries. under secretaries Prabhakar Kumar Pathak, Anup Kumar Upadhyaya, Hari Kumar Shrestha, Narayan Prasad Regmi, Madhu Prasad Regmi and Bhola Prasad Shivakoti have been promoted to secretaries.

The meeting also urged all ministers to submit the details of their property so that it can be made public. The Council of Ministers has decided to table in the Parliament bills replacing the Ordinance related to Extradition, the Ordinance on Elimination of Organised Crime, the Ordinance on Civil Service (Third Amendment) and the Ordinance on Nepal Health Service.

However, the government is yet to announce its common minimum programme. Information and Communications and government spokesman, Dr Minendra Rijal, said that the meeting has passed a common minimum programme with revisions but will make it public on Monday.



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