Saturday, 28th February 2015

Govt, student unions’ talks fail to make headway

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The talks held between government and agitating student unions have failed, as both the parties could not reach a meeting point about the newly hiked prices of petroleum products.

In today’s talks, student representatives demanded with the government to withdraw the hiked prices. In response, the government authorities said it was not possible, as it was hiked as per the international price.

“The government remained adamant not to reduce the prices. It led to no deal during the talks,” said RP Lamichhane, a student leader.

“We would now be compelled to make our protests stronger,” he said.

As per a recent decision of Nepal Oil Corporation, a state-owned company, price of petrol has been increased by Rs 10 per litre, while the price of diesel and kerosene has been increased by Rs 6 per litre.



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