Tuesday, 3rd March 2015

UML chair Khanal for federalism based on country's diversity

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Jhala Nath KhanalCPN (UML) chairperson Jhala Nath Khanal has said that Nepal needs a federalism based not only on linguistic and ethnic identity but also on the basis of the country’s diversity, adding that his party would soon come up with the proposal of delineating seven federal states on the basis of same.         

Speaking at an interaction programme organised by the Central Federal Affairs Department of CPN (UML), the former prime minister said that although his party has set its sight on seven federal states on the basis of linguistic, ethnic identity and diversity, but it is also open to discussing delineating five to nine federal states.

Saying that the passage of Constituent Assembly (CA) Regulations  and the Legislature-Parliament Operations Procedures Regulations through Friday’s meeting of the CA has now paved way for the beginning of the constitution writing process, Khanal said that the much-awaited new constitution of the country should be delivered within the next one year in order to ensure economic, social and other fundamental rights for each and every Nepali citizens.

Senior UML leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal, Prashuram Meghi Gurung, Bharatmohan Adhikari, Siddhilal Singh, Agni Kharel, among others also put forth their views regarding federalism during the programme.



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