Sunday, 1st March 2015

DPM Gautam warns Tibetan refugees against anti-Chinese activities

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Bamdev GautamDeputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Bamdev Gautam has warned Tibetan refugees residing in Nepal not to resort to any activity that goes against China.

“Nobody has the leverage to involve in anarchy in the name of refugees,” said Gautam inaugurating the seventh national conference of National Human Rights Foundation (HURFON) in Baudha, Kathmandu on Saturday.

“The government stands firmly against hooliganism. If anyone resorts to it going against the law, such an act will not go unpunished,” Gautam said.
Baudha is the only area in Kathmandu, where Tibetan refugees have a large concentration.

Nepal shares its northern border with Tibet autonomous region of China.

IGP Upendra Kant AryalNepal has provided shelter to thousands of Tibetan refugees fleeing China on humanitarian basis. Concurrently, it officially upholds the ‘One China Policy’ implying that Tibet is an integral part of China.

Addressing the same function, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Upendra Kant Aryal, said Nepal Police is always committed towards preserving human rights of all citizens.

“Right from the recruitment training, we orient police personnel on how to protect and promote human rights of citizens when they discharge duties related to policing, law and security,” IGP Aryal said.

Aryal, however, conceded that all human rights violators have not been brought under legal action due to some shortcomings. “This loophole exists due to some known and unknown reasons along with some distinct ambiguities,” he added.



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