Thursday, 5th March 2015

CA takes ownership of first CA’s achievements

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The Constituent Assembly has formally taken ownership of the achievements of the first CA on Friday.

A proposal to take ownership of the tasks achieved by the first CA was tabled during today’s meeting of the CA. The reports prepared by the thematic committees of the first CA was presented by CA Secretariat General Secretary Monahar Bhattarrai to Chairman Subas Nembang to be announced in the CA. The proposal was unanimously endorsed.

The reports will now be sent to the Committee to Study and Determine Constitutional Records for further discussions.

An agreement between the top three parties on Wednesday at the prime minister’s official residence and support of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal (RPP-N) paved way for the proposal to be placed before the CA.

The first CA had 11 thematic committees. The agreement to take ownership of the achievements in line with the commitment to complete the constitution writing process within a year.

Another meeting of the CA scheduled at 3pm is expected to speed up the formation of five CA committees. Yesterday’s meeting of the political parties had decided to forward the names of the members of the committees for the CA chairman to take the process further. However, which parties will take the leaderships of the respective committees is yet to be decided.



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