Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Difficult to run govt, concedes PM Koirala

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Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has admitted that he is facing hardship as the executive head to take ahead a coalition government.

“It’s really tough,” PM Koirala told journalists in Birtangar while on his way to Ilam on Wednesday.

“We have three-four coalition partners now. It is highly challenging to appease these all forces,” PM Koirala said.

Stressing that Nepal is struggling to maintain political stability, the PM urged all, including media, to provide him and the country one year of stability.

“Let us have one year of political stability first. Then you will see development, too,” the PM said indicating towards the criticism that his government has done little in the development and economic fronts.

The PM further requested journalists not to ask negative questions to him. “Please stop making the political parties fight among themselves through your provoking write ups. Please disseminate positive news only,” the PM said.

PM Koirala later went to Ilam to participate in the religious function of Kirat Guru Aatmananda Lingden. He was accompanied by Speaker Subash Nembang.



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