Friday, 6th March 2015

Corruption in overall sensitive bodies should be eliminated: Bhattarai

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Former Prime Minister and leader of the UCPN (Maoist), Dr Baburam Bhattarai, has said that the existing corruption and irregularities in the tourism sector, which stands as the backbone of the country's economy, should be ended.

Bhattarai, who arrived at the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) on Monday morning to express solidarity with the Joint Tourism Coordination Council (JTCC) in its agitation, said that not only at NTB, it was necessary to eliminate the corruption in the overall sensitive bodies of the government.

Bhattarai expressed the commitment that he from the behalf of his party would draw the attention of the bodies concerned to have rightful demands of the tourism entrepreneurs addressed.

Similarly, Politburo member of the CPN (UML), Prakash Jwala, gave assurance of holding talks with the Tourism Minister immediately to resolve the present problem.

Jwala expressed the belief that the attention of bodies concerned would be drawn as the tourism entrepreneurs have raised their issues in a systematic manner.

JTCC Chairman Ramesh Dhamala said that they would continue the agitation unless their demands were fulfilled.

The JTCC has launched the agitation at the NTB premises for the past 20 days putting forth various demands including timely reform of the NTB and formation of a commission to carryout investigation on the institutionalized corruption at the NTB, among others.



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