Monday, 2nd March 2015

Parliamentary Hearing Committee rejects Judicial Council’s letter

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The Parliamentary Hearings Special Committee (PHSC) has decided to express its objections to the Judicial Council (JC) regarding its letter to the committee concerning recommendations of the names for appointment as justices at the Supreme Court.
The committee rejected the Judicial Council's letter, expressing its objections over the wordings of the letter saying that the language and words used in the letter hurt the parliament's dignity and its sovereignty.
Although the committee members agreed in the meeting today on expressing objections to the JC's reply letter, they were divided on party lines regarding the choice of language and style of the letter to be sent to the JC seeking the basis of its recommendation and the personal details of the persons recommended for appointment as Supreme Court justices.  

Rather than seeking a dignified solution to its row with the JC, the PHSC seems to be unnecessarily caught up in a never-ending dispute with the latest decision on this issue.

The committee members who expressed their views on the issue in today's meeting were interpreting the row as suits their party's interest instead of suggesting ways to resolve the dispute.
The meeting that began at 8 a.m. continued until 11 a.m. It was then put off till one hour to give time to the Whips of the Nepali Congress, the CPN (UML) and the UCPN (Maoist) parliamentary parties to come up with a common decision on this issue after the members speaking in the meeting started putting their views according to their party lines and giving political colour to the issue.
Committee president Kul Bahadur Gurung adjourned the meeting until 8 a.m. Wednesday after the Whips of these parties failed to report back to the meeting with a common decision.
But the committee members from the UML and the UCPN (Maoist), the Whips of these parties and some other members objected to the committee president's adjourning the meeting.

They demanded that the meeting of the committee should be called even until the evening today and all the decisions regarding sending a letter to the JC seeking explanation from it regarding the basis of its recommendation and other papers related to it.



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