Monday, 2nd March 2015

CA dialogue panel agrees on the name of Lower House

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The Constitutional-Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee has reached consensus on the name of the Lower House of parliament as the House of Representatives or Pratinidhi Sabha.

Similarly, it has agreed 'providing voting rights to Nepali citizens who have reached 18 years of age' in line with an earlier decision of the Constitutional Committee under the first Constituent Assembly (CA).

The Constitutional Committee under the first CA had left 48 issues to be settled by the second CA.

The last meeting of the second CA’s Committee established consensus on 11 issues under the topic of managing transition. Discussions on the remaining 37 issues were discussed in today's meeting.

During the meeting, CA members expressed their views on topics such as the numerical strength of each House, the kind of representation in the Upper House, the number of members in the Province Legislature and whether to have an executive President and a unicameral legislature.

Former Prime Minister and CA member duo Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Madhav Kumar Nepal along with CA members Ram Chandra Poudel, Kamal Thapa, Chitra Bahadur KC, Narayan Man Bijukchhe, CP Gajurel and Gokarna Bishta, among others, took part in today’s discussions.



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