Friday, 27th February 2015

Speaker Nembang draws govt attention on flood, landslide incidents

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Subash NembangSpeaker Subash Nembang has drawn the government's attention to provide exact information about the loss and damage caused to property and life by flood and landslide and the details of the relief distributed to the victims.

Speaker Nembang’s ruling has come after the lawmakers demanded details of the same in the legislature-parliament’s meeting on Thursday.  

Addressing the meeting, Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation, Mahesh Acharya said that the government has directed the bodies-concerned to collect the details of the loss and damage triggered by flood and landslide and provide compensation and other support to the victims.

On a different note, Acharya said the government would ensure regular transportation service to and from Shivapuri Nagarjuna Wildlife Reserve Area that surrounds a portion of Kathmandu Valley.



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