Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Talks with political parties outside CA begins in Ilam

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The Preliminary Dialogue Sub-committee under the Constituent Assembly (CA)’s Constitutional-Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee has started talks with the political parties outside the CA in Ilam, Sunday.

The Sub-committee team coordinated by Ananda Prasad Dhungana began the talks at Tea Garden Cottage with various regional parties. The parties included Federal Democratic National Forum, Sanghiya Limbuwan State Council (Sanjuhang Palungwa group), Kirant Janabadi Workers' Party (Ananta group), Kirant Janabadi Workers' Party (Suman Bantawa group), and Joint Ethnic Freedom Forum (Devraj Lama group).

The talks were held with those political parties which took part in the November 19 CA elections but failed to win any seat. The objectives of the talks were to ensure these parties’ participation in the constitution writing process and minimize the possible gap that could be seen after the writing process comes to an end.

According to Ravin Koirala, a mediator of the talks, "The government team for talks included two Joint Secretaries at the Ministry of Home and Peace, eight lawmakers, and coordinator Dhungana.

Meanwhile, Sanghiya Democratic National Forum issued a press statement and demanded that all its cadres imprisoned at the District Jail, Taplejung be released and all the 'false' cases filed against the Forum's cadres withdrawn. The Forum also demanded a Limbuwan Autonomous State.

“The talks would be held for two days,” said RK Khambhu, a mediator and lawmaker who represents the Khambuwan National Forum.

Media persons were disallowed to enter the venue.



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