Monday, 26th January 2015

Parliament approves bill to ban civil servants holding PR/DV/Green Card

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The Legislature-Parliament has approved a bill that prohibits civil servants from acquiring Permanent Resident (PR) status or Diversity Visa (DV) or Green Card in the foreign countries.

A majority of lawmakers, who attended a meeting of the House, took a decision to this effect on Sunday.

Earlier, Minister for General Administration Lalbabu Pandit presented the bill titled as “Civil Service Act (4th amendment) Bill” for approval in the parliament.

As per the provision of the bill, civil servants have to decide within two months as to whether (a) they want to quit PR/DV/Green Card or (b) would resign from their job.

Within the next one month, the civil servants will then have to entirely quit the PR/DV/Green Card, if they want to continue with their government job.

The bill has further disallowed wife or husband of civil servants to receive PR, DV or Green Card.

Fielding queries of lawmakers, Minister Pandit said the government had to bring the bill due to some concrete reasons.

“We need to specialize our three groups of civil services - administration, justice and foreign affairs. The bill will help in the specialization process of these civil service groups,” the Minister said.

“Civil servants receive approval for household leave (ghar bida) but end up in foreign countries instead. They work in NGOs and INGOs during office time. They do not discharge their responsibilities even when they are in office. The bill has been brought to address these disciplinary issues,” the Minister added.

The President has to finally endorse the bill to be the law.



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