Saturday, 28th February 2015

Political parties outside CA sign agreement in Ilam

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A three-point agreement has been signed between the Preliminary Dialogue Sub-committee under the Constituent Assembly (CA)’s Constitutional-Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee and the political parties and forces outside the CA in Ilam, Monday.

The sub-committee team coordinated by Ananda Prasad Dhungana held talks at the Tea Garden Cottage since Sunday with eight parties including the Federal Democratic National Forum, Sanghiya Limbuwan State Council (Sanjuhang Palungwa group), Kirat Janabadi Workers' Party (Ananta group), Kirat Janabadi Workers' Party (Suman Bantawa group), and Joint Ethnic Freedom Forum (Devraj Lama group).

The Sub-committee held talks with political parties that took part in the November 19 CA elections but failed to win any seat.

According to the agreement, the sub-committee will withdraw all the 'false' cases filed against the Forum's cadres and incorporate the issues raised by them in the new constitution.  

Abiral on behalf of the parties and Ananda Prasad Dhungana on behalf of the dialogue sub-committee signed the agreement.

The sub-committee is yet to hold talks with the Limbuwan State Council (Sanjuhang Palungwa group) while Pallo Kirat Group did not take part in the talks, said R K Khambu, a mediator.



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