Wednesday, 4th March 2015

Govt endorses cremation of Bhutanese citizen Rimpoche in Nepal

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A meeting of the Council of Ministers has established policy measures on Tuesday for the cremation of foreign citizens, after bringing their bodies to Nepal.

The government took a cabinet decision to this effect in absence of a clear legal provision allowing such facility in the country.

As per the decision, individuals who have contributed to the religious, cultural and historical sectors of Nepal and those who have wished, before death, to be cremated in Nepal, are allowed to have their final rites done here, after bringing their body to the country.

Talking to reporters following the meeting, government spokesperson and Minister for Information and Communications Dr Minendra Rijal said cremation after bringing bodies to Nepal should be carried out at locations assigned by the government and without causing any harm to Nepal's law, culture, traditions and social harmony.

Based on the new policy measures, the government also decided to approve the cremation of Bhutanese citizen Kunsingh Rimpoche, after bringing his body from Germany where he died on June 11. He is to be cremated at the Shyarbhan Monastery premises in Raniban of Kathmandu.

The decision was taken based on an application registered by the Monastery, according to Dr Rijal.



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